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The Musume High School Alumni co-opted the Vutsanana group in June 2018. This was after some members visited the school and reported that the school was in an awful state. The buildings were old and dirty, and the grounds lacked maintenance, there was no parking and hardly a driveway into the school, ablution facilities had deteriorated and was a health hazard. There was also overcrowding, especially in the girls’ hostels.

The mandate of Vutsanana was to find ways of motivating the school and learners to take care of the school and improve the general and environmental hygiene. After consulting with the school, a priority list of needs/activities was drawn for items that deemed to be within reach financially.

Priority/Needs list

  • Cleaning materials and equipment.
  • Painting of buildings.
  • Improve water supply.
  • Plumbing to improve ablution facilities.


  • The learners would be encouraged to clean hostels and classrooms under the supervision of the Boarding Master and Mistress.
  • Hostel inspectors would be done regularly by the school management team, which included learners.
  • The best two hostels, boys and girls, would be awarded.
  • Grass cutting and removal of untidy bushes would be crucial.
  • The greening project would start that is planting shrubs and flowers in the schoolyard and around hostels.
  • The agriculture department would be encouraged to produce vegetables for the school and keep the garden tidy.
  • The driveway into the school would need patching, and a parking area identified and marked.
  • One Vutsanana member staying nearby would be requested to visit the school from time to time to give support and encouragement also.
  • The school would also work on improving water supply, plumbing, and repair or renovate some buildings.
  • Activities  would work under the theme /slogan ‘ Marara mubhini’

Successes Areas

  • The Alumni purchased cleaning equipment/materials and disinfections for toilets and hostels. Garden equipment included two wheelbarrows. (see the full list from treasures)
  • Two awards earmarked for donation to the best hostels for the 2018 price giving.
  • A borehole was repaired (by the school)
  • One hostel for girls was repaired (by the school), thereby decongesting the crowded hostels.
  • I had a chance to visit the school in October 2018, and I witnessed a significant improvement in the area of grounds hygiene. Some beautiful green plants were coming up.


  • Painting of hostels, classrooms, and offices very necessary.
  • Upgrading of ablution facilities.
  • Increase water supply.
  • Install handwashing facilities around the school and provide liquid soap and sanitizers, given the view of Covid19.
  • Replace /improve some old buildings.
  • The school needs to observe the monthly Presidential Clean Up Day in order to cultivate the nature of Do It Yourself in the learners.


Let us all work together to achieve a clean and safe environment for the Musume High School Community. Remember, a clean environment is therapeutic, both physically and emotionally. It uplifts self-esteem; it helps prevents disease outbreaks, and it is the nature of God. (Deuteronomy 23:12-14) (Marara Mubhini) so that the Lord may not see anything indecent and turn away from you.”

R Mlambo


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